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The surroundings offer many swimming options, both outdoor and indoor pools, swimming pools with water slides and more.

Tips for where to go swimming include:

  • Lake Olbersdorf See (Germany)

  • Outdoor pool with water slide Jonsdorf (Germany)

  • Outdoor and indoor water and sauna world Trixi park (Germany)

  • Swimming pool Jablonné in Podještědí

  • Kristýna natural swimming pool

  • Aquapark Babylon Liberec


The Lusatian Mountains will surprise cyclists with the number of routes, terrains, variety and beautiful nature. Just be careful, Lužky is not for sharpeners! Even though they are not among the largest Czech mountain ranges due to their height above sea level, they hide the parameters of really demanding hills. Try the local cycle routes , trails and your fitness.


Via ferratas

The Via Ferrata in Jonsdorf, near the Petrovice border crossing, is definitely worth a visit. You can leave your car in the large parking lot in Jonsdorf. Attention, it is good to have Euros with you, because the parking lot is paid. The via ferrata is clear and not too demanding, so even a less fit individual can handle it .

Furthermore, the via ferratas Nonnensteig (Wired Nun) and Alpiner Grat , which are described as the most beautiful "Czech" via ferratas. It is located in the Lusatian Mountains, but a few hundred meters (literally) beyond the border with Germany. ​


The protected landscape area of the Lusatian Mountains is predominantly covered with forests. The most famous places in the Lusatian Mountains include, for example, Jedlová hora with a lookout tower, the highest mountain Luž with a popular restaurant, Klíč hill, which offers far-reaching views, or Hvozd peak with a lookout tower on the German side of the hill. Among the rarities is the only Czech ice cave near Naděje in the Lužické Mountains. The ruins of several castles are also worth a visit, Tolštejn is one of the best preserved. The Sulfur Spring near Horní Světlá, the Rock Gate near the Milštejn massif, the rocky hill Pustý zámek are also interesting. The entire blast is interwoven with a large number of educational trails and marked routes for cyclists and hikers.

The protected landscape area of the Jizera Mountains is a popular tourist area. The most famous places in the Jizera Mountains include the settlement of Jizerka, the former glassmaking settlement of Kristiánov with the glassmaking museum, Šámal's cottage in Nová louka or Smědava. The Královka, Slovanka, Bramberk, Černá Studnice, Smrk, Orešník, Frýdlant battlements, Polední kameny or Krásná Máří lookout points are also a phenomenon of the Jizera Mountains.

Czech Switzerland National Park is a wonderful place of rock towns with interesting sandstone formations. The highest mountain of the České Švýcarsko National Park – Růžovský vrch (619 m above sea level) reigns here with forest-like ecosystems. The Elbe Canyon in Hřensk, on the other hand, is the lowest place in the Czech Republic (114 m). The monumental Pravčická Gate, the largest natural rock gate in Europe, has become the symbol of the park.


Castles and palaces

The ruins of Oybin Castle (Germany), which is literally a magnet for visitors to the Žitav Mountains and one of the most important monuments of Upper Lusatia.


The Sloup rock castle on the southwestern edge of the Sloup village in Bohemia in the Česká Lípa district in the Liberec region.


Lemberk Castle converted into a castle near Jablonné in Podještědí in the Liberec region.


Grabštejn Castle was originally a Gothic castle from the 13th century, which was rebuilt into an exhibition Renaissance castle in the 16th century.


State castle and chateau Frýdlant above the town of Frýdlant in the Liberec district in the north of the Czech Republic.

Natural monuments

​Jánská kameny with a view of Oybin and Hvozd with a number of rock formations, the remains of a basalt rock wall in the Lusatian Mountains at an altitude of 589 to 604 m above sea level.


The White Stones (Elephant Rocks) is a distinctive group of about 20 m high sandstone rocks. The Bílé kameny natural monument is located in the protected landscape area of ​​the Lužická Mountains one kilometer north of the village of Jítrava at the foot of the Vysoká hill in the Liberec Region.

Panská skála or also Organ, protected as a national natural monument, known from the fairy tale The Proud Princess, located in the territory of the town of Kamenické Šenova in the district of Česká Lípa in the Liberec Region.

vtat, jedl, herman (15).jpg

Lookouts, dam, cable car

The Hvozd lookout tower with a height of 749 m is the second highest mountain in the Lusatian Mountains on the German side.

The Jedlová Lookout, which is the third highest peak of the Lusatian Mountains and, in clear weather, offers a unique view from the Ore Mountains to the Giant Mountains.


Naděje Reservoir, which is located in the Lužické Mountains, on the cadastre of the town of Cvikov, in a deep wooded valley of the upper course of the Hamerské Potok, under the northern slopes of Suché vrch, 2.7 km south of Luž.


The cable car from Liberec to Ještěd is the only Český drah cable car. From Horní Hanychov, he will take you all the way to the Ještěd hotel, a well-known landmark in the wide and distant surroundings. With good visibility, a beautiful view of the Krkonoše Mountains, the Jizera and Lusatia Mountains, the Bohemian Paradise and the Bohemian Central Mountains opens up from the top.

Trips with children

The Butterfly House and the spa town of Jonsdorf (Germany) is located just over the border, approximately 35 km from Liberec. The house with butterflies and reptiles is worth a visit, where you will see snakes, lizards, turtles, exotic frogs, spiders and insects. If you want to spice up your trip to the butterfly house, a steam train runs from the train station to Jonsdorf from Zittau/Zittau.

ZOO in Liberis the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic. More than 170 species of animals are kept in its 13-hectare area. Liberec Zoo offers an experience program as a zookeeper. As part of a special program, every layperson over the age of 18 can see for themselves what a nurse's working day looks like.

The Botanical Garden in Liberec – the oldest botanical garden in the Czech Republic. The domains of the garden are collections of orchids, ferns, bromeliads and carnivorous plants. The aquarium pavilion also belongs to the tradition.

In Zoopark Zittau/Žitava, you have the opportunity to feed the animals with grass or vegetables prepared for this purpose, you will only be separated from others by a natural barrier in the form of a log, etc. (deer, kangaroos). You can really touch the animals here, and the area is complemented by interactive elements, a children's playground, and one of them also includes a "farmhouse" where your children can try caring for animals, as well as an Indian teepee.

Resort Malevil offers almost all the possibilities of enjoyment that you can think of. You can find the Malevil Resort in the beautiful valley of the Lužické Mountains above the village of Heřmanice near Jablonného in Podještědí. You can use the rope center, quad bikes, paintball, off-roading, squash, 4 Brunswick bowling alleys, beach volleyball, horse riding, tennis, swimming pool, petting zoo and playground, billiards, ping-pong, sauna, whirpoool, bicycle rental, Thai massages and many more..

iQpark Liberec is a unique, entertaining and educational center for the smallest explorers! On 4 floors you will find interactive exhibits that support children's curiosity and imagination through play and experiments. In the exhibitions, we show children that even science can be fun!

Glass factory in Kunratice near Cvikova with a glass garden, a demonstration of glass production, a gallery and a glass altar in the local church.


Žitavska narrow gauge railway or by steam train on the route Oybin - Jonsdorf - Germany

mazlení, jeden, ovce


Cross country

In the vicinity of the Krompachu cottage you will find cross-country trails . When there is enough snow, it is possible to drive directly from the cottage. Most of the cross-country trails follow the German trails.

Žitavské hory offers 40 km of well-maintained tracks. The "black gate" cross-country track , which leads from Walterdorf to Lückendorf, is 19 km long and is suitable for classic style.


One of the options for skiing is the Ještěd Ski Resort in Liberec Liberec , which is about 25 km from the accommodation.

The ski resort in Waltersdorf offers 3 lifts and 9 slopes. here you can try not only night skiing, but also special tracks for bobsledding. The distance from the accommodation is approx. 5 km.

​Others include Jedlová Ski Resort and Horní Podluží Ski Resort , which are 25 km from the accommodation.



The indoor ice hall - winter stadium - in Jonsdorf (Germany) offers the possibility of skating, including the rental of skates. The distance from the accommodation is 3 km.

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